8×12: Meanwhile, at Miami Metro

Hello. This is a message from the legal department of Let’s Talk About Dex: Your hosts forgot to upload their review of episode 12 before fulfilling the suicide pact that they were contractually obligated to participate in after the conclusion of Dexter. Fortunately, they left a time capsule which contained their final sexual confessions, a few empty vodka bottles, and instructions on how to upload this episode to the iTunes thingy. Thus, it is with our heartfelt condolences that we (the legal department, and not your hosts, who are dead, but may possibly reappear as ghosts) present episode 8×12: Meanwhile, at Miami Metro. Now, how about we go get some ice cream?

8×11: Fuckin’ Dexter!

Things to do before leaving the country: sell condo, sell boat, say goodbye to coworkers, murder enemies, and listen to this week’s Let’s Talk About Dex. Phew! Good thing the last one is easy. Don’t pack up your earbuds yet, because there’s lots to discuss about episode 11, “Monkey In a Box.” Is the person we hoped would die dead yet? Is the person we thought would never die actually dead or just dying? Can we agree on who we want dead? And will you bring me drink already, I’m dying! Plus: we’ll examine where ghosts go when they’re no longer needed, alternative murder vacation destinations, and Soderquist. Yeah, him. We fuckin’ love that guy!

8×10: Normal Things

If you’re on a treadmill right now, stop! You’ll be much safer in a seated or lying down position, preferably with a drink in hand, as you listen to this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About Dex. We’ll have a very normal conversation about normal things, like the psychological conditions that would make someone want to kiss Quinn, our general feelings about Argentina, and whether it’s ever possible to have too much breakfast. Plus: a very special tribute for a classy British lady. If you insist on treadmilling while you listen to us, be sure to put your liquor in one of those Camelbak things so it doesn’t spill everywhere. Always practice safe Dex!

8×09: Make Your Own Kind of Booze-ic

Bring all your quarters and meet us at our favorite diner to catch up on the ninth episode of To Catch a Predator. We’ll discuss top English boarding schools for villains, the best mini-dresses to wear when hiding from law enforcement, and how to spring a surprise kiss on a colleague. Also, Saxon’s true identity is uncovered using the powers of star maths and wishy thinking! If you’re making a cup of tea, poison it extra strong – our thoughts on this episode are so interesting, you’ll want to listen to them again and again (and again and again and again)…

8×07/8×08: Bad Murder Juju (Part 2/2)

I hope you’ve left room – it’s the second course of your intimate dinner with Let’s Talk About Dex! Pour another glass of wine as we try to stomach the events of episodes 7 and 8. We’ll ask ourselves: Is Quinn actually becoming a tolerable person? What kind of name is Saxon, anyway? And will you pass the butter? Also, the startling connection between Dexter and the RNC is revealed. Elbows off the table, please!