Season 4: Shut Up, C***

The Season 4 podcast offers up all the Old Man Saggy Butt you could hope for, and more! Your hosts discuss the high costs of sleep deprivation, horrible mentors, the Mitchell/Draper connection, and Dexter’s stock portfolio. Also: Sgt. Batista’s secret masturbation scene is exposed, we find out Dexter gets his fashion tips from Doug Funnie, and John Lithgow’s entire pre-Dexter career is retroactively tainted by serial killer-ism. Could this be the most batshit insane season of all? And can Trinity ever bathe without weeping? This podcast, like Masuka, can make anything sound perverted.

See the sights of episode 4 after the jump.

Really, Doug Funnie? Really?

This is what we subject ourselves to on Skype.

Most likely, Trinity stands up in the bathtub when he has to bathe alone.

You think this man is innocent because he’s an alien? This is the face of a killer:

Everything this man has done is now tainted with Trinity.

Do you think Kevin Bacon is excited in this photograph from Footloose? No. He’s terrified for his life.

I mean they let this man talk to children at the White House. Jesus Christ, Barack, I thought you were concerned about public safety at least.

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