Season 2: Cannibal Meatballs

Season 2 of Dexter is rife with subjects for conversation, including cucumber sandwiches, Old Man Saggy Butt, versatile child actors, serial killer shopping habits, positive female television roles, and Lila’s general horribleness. Some hard-hitting questions are answered: Who’s the most unfortunate character on Dexter? Is pyromania just for kids? What kind of cereal does Joseph Quinn eat? And is it worse to be killed by Lila or Trinity? Later, the cast of Dexter are sorted into their Hogwarts houses and Stephanie spoils the ending of The Sopranos for everyone. This podcast is SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER.

See the sights of episode 2 after the jump.

Surprise, I brought you a gift, motherfucker.

Surprise party, motherfucker.

Surprise wallpaper, motherfucker.

Surprise Groundhog Day, motherfucker.

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